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Posted by Susan Relihan | 04 November 2019| Blog, Uncategorized
The Vallecas Suite drawings

Two of Jim Zver’s Vallecas Suite drawings, Vallecas #6 and #13, will be used for the final and concluding season of the ABC crime drama series “How to Get Away with Murder” starring Viola Davis, Alfred Enoch, and Billy Brown. These two drawings were previously used on the show in 2018. The Vallecas Suite is...

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Posted by Susan Relihan | 21 October 2019| Blog
Sandra Dahdah

We are all surrounded by “art” all day every day. Images -- some purely random -- hang on our office walls and in our living rooms. It graces covers of magazines and even the sides of buildings. Some of it chugs past us on railroad cars and city buses. Most of it we give little...

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Posted by Susan Relihan | 07 October 2019| Blog
Christine Dobbs-Yoshihara

Much of the world’s greatest art – from music to novels to paintings – is born of pain. Something about immense human suffering causes us to metaphorically give birth to the most incredible art! Such is the case with Christine Dobbs-Yoshihara, drawer, painter, and collage artist known for her work with the natural universe. Christine...

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Posted by Susan Relihan | 21 August 2019| Blog, Uncategorized
Art Lovers Alert!

You won’t want to miss INK AND CLAY 44 if you’re going to be in the SoCal area between August 22 and November 21, 2019. Ink & Clay is an annual competition, featuring a variety of mixed media works utilizing any form of “ink” and/or “clay,” including prints, drawings, ceramics, clay sculptures, and more. This...

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Posted by Susan Relihan | 14 August 2019| Blog, Uncategorized
Jim Zver’s photos featured in film

One of our talented Sujac Studio artists, Jim Zver, has four of his photos being used in an upcoming film. The hand-colored photos were taken at the right place at the right time with his Holga camera. They have what Jim calls an “interesting and sad aspect” to them.  Jim took the four photos back...

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Posted by Susan Relihan | 24 July 2019| Blog
America’s Top 3 Cities for Art Lovers (That Nobody Knows About)

Ask any art lover who travels, and they’ll tell you all about New York, San Francisco, Chicago, and Los Angeles. Don’t get me wrong, those are fabulous cities that everyone should enjoy, especially if you’re looking for world-class art! But America boasts a number of smaller, lesser-known cities where you can see another side of...

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Posted by Susan Relihan | 08 July 2019| Blog
Art, Nature and Events

When planning a summer party, why not use your plantings as art? In our case, we are blessed with "Dr. Seuss" like bushes and an abundance of roses, agapanthus, and colorful succulents to choose from when adding decorative touches. Given our location, the fireworks display at The Rose Bowl is an annual party tradition. Alongside...

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