Sandra Dahdah

We are all surrounded by “art” all day every day. Images — some purely random — hang on our office walls and in our living rooms. It graces covers of magazines and even the sides of buildings. Some of it chugs past us on railroad cars and city buses. Most of it we give little more than a passing glance.

But what makes some art stop us in our tracks? What makes art draw us in? Capture our attention? Move us deeply and profoundly, even when we can’t put a finger on exactly what the captivating quality is?

The answer: We don’t really know. We just know that great art intrigues and holds our attention. It sticks with us and endows us with new life experiences.

Falling squarely into that category is Sujac Studio’s featured artist, Sandra Dahdah. Sandra is a photographer living and working in Austin, Texas. If you visit our website to see her work, be prepared to get stuck for awhile. Her photography is clean and uncluttered, with amazing bursts of color and endowed with unbelievable humanness. These aren’t just photos. They are live-action snapshots of people from all walks of life.

Featured in high-profile publications like Rolling Stone, Time Magazine, Vanity Fair, Esquire, Texas Monthly and many others, Sandra’s work is also available through our curation services. Sandra and her camera (the “Magic Box”) are also available for independent assignments.

If the walls in your home or office need a strong female lead, check out the works we have available by Sandra Dahdah! 

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