Who of us doesn’t love “the hunt?”

Travel allows for greater perspective and Sujac Studios’ mission is to share these adventures and finds with you. Along the way we have met great talent and are proud to showcase the work of these individuals accordingly.

Our online launch features art works from Cuba, where influences range from the age of colonialism through to the revolution, “special period” and modern times, that all reverberate today in this thriving art scene.

We also feature paintings from U.S. artists, such as Theo Svenningsen, whose fascination with trains as American iconography is a joy to see. Please also welcome Jill Sykes, Christine Dobbs-Yoshihara, and Jim Zver to Sujac Studios. And, there’s so much more…

Welcome to Sujac Studios! We hope you enjoy the view.

Sujac Studios is a curator of art, textiles, and found objects from around the world. We work with professionals in the design community, corporations, individual collectors and design enthusiasts.